How can J1-Internship help you expand your hospitality knowledge


Either during the course of a program or upon its completion, most awarding bodies enforce rules that make it mandatory for students to do an Internship. These Internships are a crucial element of a student successfully completing his/her degree or diploma.

So what’s a “J-1” Internship?

J-1 Internship is the Internship program that aims to give foreign students and recent graduates the chance to develop their skills, whilst building up their insight into the US business practice & culture. These interns are expected to then share the cross-cultural and professional experience they’ve gained in the U.S. upon returning to their own countries. 

How can a J-1 Internship help expand my hospitality knowledge?

Practical Experience

Many people learn the best by actually engaging in an activity, and everyone benefits through witnessing the many methods & theories learned in the class being put to work.


J1 Internship


Whether it’s learning a few new recipes as a Chef or even discovering the many ways of dealing with customers. Practice in your actual field of interest will no-doubt increase your expertise & knowledge of the sector.


Greater Sense of Clarity

Interning effectively gives you the opportunity to “test-drive” a job, career path or company before deciding to commit to any form of full-time employment. They also allow you to decipher which aspects you do or don’t like about a specific role or work environment, and can help shape your future path.


J1 Internship


Prepare for life after graduation

Internships put you on the front-line to dealing with real-world issues & situations, meaning that you’ll have the chance to solve them by applying skills and knowledge that you gained in the classroom.


Increase Self-Confidence

Working in an environment surrounded by professionals can aid you in the process of feeling more comfortable, confident and at-ease in the workplace. You’ll also develop technical & soft skills which may come of use at some point in the future, developing your confidence in your abilities & knowledge on how to handle certain tasks.


J1 Internship


Expand Professional Network

Through meeting professionals working in your industry of interest, you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions, connect with new people and simply find out things from them that you didn’t know before. The people you engage with can be a great resource as you grow, learn and practice skills within your field.


In summary, gaining practical experience, developing a greater sense of clarity, finding ways to deal with real-world issues & tasks, along with expanding your professional network, will all go towards expanding your hospitality knowledge whilst you undertake your J-1 Internship.


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